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Original MSA - USAF MS 22001 Oxygen Mask Size Large,Unissued exellent condition !!

Original MS 22001 Oxygen Mask , used with P 4 Helmets and other helmets , date 1972, mask is in exellent to new condition , without microfon and cable,with connector MC/ 3 A, Mask is not used,old stock , mask size is Large ,

EUR 185.-

Original Scott Typ A 13 Demand Oxygen Regulator

Original A 13 Oxygen Regulator in good used condition,WWII Portable Warbird Oxygen Diluter Demand Regulator. Manufactured by Scott. Type A-13. , Very clean item. Used extensively during WWII on most wartime aircraft. It has a clip on it that attaches to aircrew uniform when used. It shows very well and it would make an excellent show item of the office or home. Due to its age it is sold for display only,


EUR 85 .-

Original Oxygen Mask for ZSH-7 Pilot Helmet KM-34D Soviet Union size 2

Original Flight helmet ZSH-7 pilot mask KM-34D Soviet Union size 2 (probably size Large),Oxygen Mask KM-34D is complete with side hose, bayonet connectors, microphone and everything else,used but very good original condition,include the original green bag,


EUR 169.-

Original Scott Aviator Breathing Oxygen Bottle

Original Scott Model 5500 Serie Oxygen Bottle Aviator Breathing , used by German Air Force , this is a portable oxygen bottle used in various types of commercial aircraft, with oxygen regulator ,bottle is empty ,used but good condition,Dimensions see pictures, weight approx. 3,4 Kg,Due to its age it is sold for display only



EUR 79.-

Original Oxygen Regulator Experimental Setup with A 14 Regulator Diluter Demand Pressure Breathing, Date 1953!!

This are a Experimentel Oxygen Regulator Setup used by German Air Force,WWII Portable Warbird Oxygen Diluter Demand Regulator , A 14 Regulator is Specifically:Made by Alar Produkts INC., Set include Oxygen Flow Indicator , Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Indicator , all mounted on a wooden plate ,set is used but very good condition,Due to its age it is sold for display only

EUR 149.-

Original A 14 Oxygen Regulator ARO used by German Air Force


This is a original A 14 Oxygen Regulator by ARO ,Diluter Demand Pressure Breathing, The prototype pressure-demand system was then operationally flight tested in the 28th Photo-Recon Squadron in October of 1943 and adopted for continued photo rece work by the Army Air Force in November of that year. The first operational combat mission flown using the new pressure-demand oxygen equipment was carried out in February of 1944 by the RAF Spitfire flying 14th Photo Reco Sqdn, and in April 1944 the new system was used in bombing mission over the German capitol. By late 1944, all F-5 and F-13 aircrafdt were fitted with the new A-14A pressure-demand oxygen regulator. Such regulator were fitted in nearly all Allied Forces aircraft at the end of the war,Regulator is used but in very good , exellent condition,Due to its age it is sold for display only,

EUR 99.-

Original Ulmer 82 Oxygen Crew Mask used in German Transall LTG 62

Original Ulmer Aircraft Crew Mask , used in German Transall Aircraft by "Lufttransport Geschwader 62 ", mask is minimal used and in exellent condition , very rare and hard to find, mask size is 2 ,


EUR 99.-

Original Sierra / Bendix CRU 4 High Altitude Connector

Original Bendix CRU 4 Connector in exellent , mint condition ,very rare ,used in F 104 Fighters,

EUR 110,-
Original Ulmer Oxygen Mask Desinfection Set

Disinfection and care set for all oxygen masks, Ideal average for care your oxygen mask, Remove reliably dirt and buds, Set was used with German Air Force Life Support.,more infos : http://www.ulmer-aero.com/swf/fr/oxy/accessoire/trousse.pdf


EUR 35 .-

Original Gentex MBU 12 Mask all Green ,Size Extra Long

MBU-12/P Oxygen Mask, all Green ,size Extra Long ,- The MBU-12/P pressure demand oxygen mask was first brought into service in around 1979 by the US Navy. the Air Force phased out the MBU-5/P in the late 1980s and then began using the MBU-12/P, this all green oxygen mask is in excellent -mint to new condition , unused ,The mask is complete with offset bayonets, CX-4707 coiled communications cord ending in U-174/U plug, military impedance microphone and 3 pin quick disconnect at the end of the hose. The color is all green with green bayonet straps,Date 1985,mask in exellent condition, very rare mask in green color,



Original USAF MBU 5 Mask with black Hardshell Size Long Narrow with "J" Bayonets

This is a original MBU-5/P Oxygen Mask with J - Offset Bayonets, the MBU-5/P was the US Air Force standard issue oxygen mask from the 1960s through the 1980s. It saw limited use by the US Navy as well during the late 1970s. We carry these masks in very good to exellent condition. the mask is complete with " J " bayonets, type CX-4707 coiled communications cord ending in U-93 A/U plug, military impedance microphone, and 3 pin quick disconnect at the end of the hose. the color is all green with green strap harness and black hardshell , very nice original mask in very godd to exellent condition, only the hardshell is more used ,mask Size is long narrow,



Original MS 22001 Oxygen Mask Hardshell Size Medium with Christmas Tree Bayonets

Original MS22001 Oxygen Mask. hardshell with christmas tree bayonet fittings , used but very good condition,all complete and in good original condition,mask hardshell is size Medium , date ???? ,



Original USAAF A 14 Oxygen Mask Size Large used by German Air Force

ORIGINAL 1945 USAAF A-14 A OXYGEN MASK, AVIATOR, SIZE LARGE By The Ohio Chemical Manufacturing. Co., this is an original US Army Air Corps aviator A-14 A Oxygen mask in Very Good condition, rubber is supple and the hose is undamaged.  This one is size marked LARGE and dated 1945,

,probably used in the time of the very early German Air Force ,maske has the plug of the former German Luftwaffe,Due to its age it is sold for display only,


EUR 165.- SOLD

Original Dräger"Höhenatmer " with Dräger Oxygen Regulator and Dräger Oxygen Mask

This is a original Dräger Oxygen Regulator with original Dräger Oxygen mask, this O² mask is a E 22192 type , mask is fitted without bajonetts , conector is present , mask size is" Mittel" = Medium , date is 1965 , mask is in very good to exellent condition, regualtor is in very good condition , the above item is sold as a collectable an as is have no way to test it,include a seconde green hose,include all papers and manuals,Due to its age it is sold for display only,


EUR 119.- SOLD

Original MSA - MS 22001 Mask Size Medium and original Oxygen Bottle ,used by German Air Force

Original MSA - MS 22001 oxygen mask in very good condition, size Medium ,date 1963,all avionic and plugs are present ,with all original straps ,original MSA - Connector,rubber hose is easy leaking ( see photos),include the original oxygen bottle ,used by german air force,extrem hard to find in this complete condition, Due to its age it is sold for display only



EUR 299.- SOLD

Original Oxygen Regulator -Switch used with MBU 19 Mask TEARS -NBC

Original Regulator -Switch used with MBU-19/P TAERS NBC mask,used but very good condition,