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Original Cockpit Part of a F 15 or A 10

Original Cockpit part of a F 15 or A 10, function unknown,
used good condition

,exact use is unfortunately unknown????,


EUR 49.-

OriginalTornado Graphic Print on Aluminium Plate


Graphic print of a tornado on aluminum plate, in wooden frame as farewell gift for a German Air Force member,exellent condition,

EUR 45.-

Original Micro Climate Air Conditioner Vest for Helicopter Crews

Original GENUINE U.S. MILITARY ISSUE MICRO CLIMATE Survival  Air Conditioner VEST , NEW IN BAG / UNISSUED CONDITION,NEW IN BAG! (NIB),One size fits all.,Manufactured as a personal air conditioning unit for helicopter aircrew and tank personnel.,


EUR 19.-

Patches Set JaboG 33 Tornado Fighters"

this is a very nice patches set JaboG 33 ,set is unused ,exellent condition,


EUR 39.-

Original Russia Board Chronograph Model Flightwatch "129 YC / 55 M

Original Russian board chronograph Flightwatch 129 YC, this chrono is still used in many aircrafts and helicopters   underground Missile Silos and onboard Submarine of the Russian Air Force.This is an instrument with 24-Hours-Time display and for time, electrical switching tasks Designed. The mechanical movement with8 Day power reserve has a user-adjustable switching device to one Minutes with electric contact, one48-Hours-Switching device with fixed times, and three electrical contacts, another4-Hours-Switching device with fixed times, and two electrical contacts, continues to be a temperature controlled electric heater for operation at much colder, Operating27 Volt. The black dial has contrasting24-Hours- und 60-Minutess-Subdivision with luminous indices, Facts and Pointers. Esis predected by a mineral flat. Two windows in the dial serve the function of control of movement and48-Hours-Switching device. Two crowns and allow the hoisting operation of the instrument. Specifications: Caliber66970, Ø76mm, Depth68mm, 15 Stones, great monometallic balance wheel, Breguet spiral , no shock predection This extremely robust built-in cockpit clock is a real eye-catcher for your collection, this clock is minimal used and in exellent condition.,I have tested this clock over many days, it run very well and very exactly !!!


EUR 110.- SOLD

Original Russia Air Force Pilot Goggles

a copy of the World War II erea German goggles,new and unused,These chamois-lined beauties with both clear and tinted, precision ground, compound curve glass optics, allow excellent direct and peripheral vision. Made in '60s-'70s but never issued ,include brown lens,original case,used with ShL or ShZ helmets,


EUR 45.-

F 84 F Ground Performance Computer

The F 84 Ground Performance Computer is designed for computing Take Off and Landing data,the upper circular and vertical scales on the front face of the computer enable comtutation of the Ground Roll Distance required for Take - Off under existing conditions of Aircraft Gross Weight,Runway Temperature and Pressure Altitude,Computer was used by German F 84 F Pilots in the 50th. and 60th.,unused condition,very rare,


EUR 45.-

Original Gentex Microphone Assembly M-169 or MT-2189/AIC with M-101/AIC

Microphone Assembly, Type M-169/AIC: The M-169 microphone assembly consists of the delta block, 2 connecting screws, and microphone on swivel bracket. This microphone is used on the MBU-20 & 23 series oxygen mask, but can also be used on the MBU-12 mask or Bracket, Microphone, Type MT-2189/AIC: Bracket and M-101/AIC microphone for use on the MBU-5/P oxygen mask only. Excellent + condition condition,


EUR per pieces 50.-

Original Set Leather Earpads Gray New!!

This are a new pair of triangel version leather earpads , this pads are very soft and comfortable , the pads are made with a two-layer system of self-adjusting visco-elastic and firmer ether foam sewn inside genuine leather lambskin. The visco-elastic foam is sensitive to temperature and continually adjusts to the shape of your head and seals around your ears,pads in new ,unused condition ,



Original Air Warrior Electronic Data Manager " EDM "

This is a used Electronic Data Manager (EDM),EDMs are kneeboard tablet PCs that offer fast mobile computer in unforgiving environments, this is a light, portable touch-screen computer in the form of a kneeboard that provides the aviator with global positioning system (GPS) moving map capabilities, sunlight readability, and the ability to use Windows-based software,that provides the high performance Windows® XP Professional Operating System in a configuration optimized for rugged wearable, kneeboard requirements. The EDM Tablet PC was called into action on many US Army helicopters to provide Blue Force Tracking and moving map applications. It features weights and measures software and can be used as an Electronic Flight Bag. To date, thousands of EDMs have been delivered to the Army and continue to serve in the field.Computer is used,but in very good condition,Function of the device is not checked, no warranty on function, sorry,


EUR 480.- SOLD

Orignal " Hirschkrone " Auto Knife German Air Force Survival Knife for Starfighter Pilots

This is a original Hirschkrone German Air Force Survial Knife from the 60 ts , similar to the "Puma " Survival Knife , very nice display item, very rare and hard to find,Knives were not used, knives were wrong stored and have various tracks of the storage ,


EUR 135.- SOLD

Original Kneeboard used by German Air Force ,Used Condition,

Original German Air Force Kneebord in gray,older version ,size 24 x 18 cm ,material is gray syntetic leather, article is used but good condition,include the flight card ,very rare and hard to find,