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Item Description

Brand New unused condition---------Item is new and unused,

Mint and Unissue-------Item is in superb condition with some little use or may be no wear or still in bag.

Excellent condition-------Item is in nice shape but may be show signs of its age because of storage or light use.

Used but very good condition-------Item is nice shape but little flight use or be shows signs of its adge

Used but good condition----Item is in nice shape but may show signs of excessive flight use or be noticably dirty from use.

Fair condition------Item is still in displayable condition but may be ripped, cracked, or have large stains.

Please note,
That all offered articles are pure collectors or display pieces and do not have any flying or other tests. Use is at your own risk !!

For more photos, please click image !

Original CSU 17/P Combat Edge Anti G Vest


Original CSU-17/P Anti-G Vest is part of the Combat Edge pilot system to increase crewmember tolerances to G-Forces,this CSU-17/P comes complete with hose and 4 pin connector at the end of the hose to allow the vest to be connected to the CRU-94 oxygen block,vest is minimal used and in exellent condition,Size Label is missing,I think Size is Large,

EUR 199.-
Original US-Air Force P -3 Helmet ,Date 1954,Upgradet to P- 4 A with MSA MS 22001 Mask Size Medium

Original P-3 Flight Helmet from Selby Shoes Co. in Size Small ,Date 1954 ,with the original MSA Oxygen Mask size Medium,helmet is upgradet to a P4 A helmet,helmet and mask are in the original unrestored condition, Mask is in used condition with some minor damage on the rubber parts (see pictures), But, mask and helmet are so original, all labels present ,very nice original US-Air Force decal in exellent condiion !!very ,very rare helmet and mask set in good to very good original condition,comes with everything shown in photos,

EUR 679.-
Original Chute Pak BA 22 Emergency Back Assembly Parachute Harness from AWACS Crew

The BA-22 Bailout Kit is a complete configuration of a back-style, high speed parachute, configured for use in fixed wing aircraft, such as: C-141, C-130, KC-135, B-52, C-5, F-5, T-37, T-38, A-37 and F-100,BA 25 harness uses ejector snaps closures on both chest and leg straps, the system is highly adjustable to accomodate a wide range of personnel weights and sizes,The parachute is a 28' multicolored (orange, tan, green, and white) nylon cover, Type C-9 , this is a BA 22 Harness with Parachute and all Fittings, used by German AWACS Crew ,the Oxygen Bottle and the automatic ripcord is not present !!!!, the C 9 Canopy and all parts are present ,but the parachute is not packed !!!!!!!,BA 22 is in mint unused condition Date 1983 ,not for use - Date 1983 !!!, only for Display ,only -collector item , Parachute is not packed !!!!!!!!!.


EUR 299.-

Original RE-5L Series Emergency Assembly Parachute

This is a original Emergency Parachute for gliders and small aircraft , this parachute is in good conditon , He has only a few traces of bad storage, but, he is only suitable for display purposes, no longer use !!!!!!

not for use , only for Display -collector item , Parachute is not correctly packed !!!!!!!!!.


EUR 140.-

Original ML Aviation Company LTD. Pressure Helmet Typ 12 P , MK 4G ,used by German Stafighter Pilots,

This is a original ML Aviation Type 12 MK.4G Partial Pressure high altitude helmet used by F-104 Starfighter Pilots for High Altitude missions in the 60's , helmet Date is 1967, this helmet type was usually flown on F-104G Starfighter and was of no need anymore as the F-104 was replaced by the MRCA Tornado in the early eighties,helmet is in unused exellent to mint condition,all rubber parts are soft and not damaged, just a few traces of long storage,( see pictures ), the original blue paper box is available with original manual ,original pressure test report and all parts on the pictures, helmet include the original black visor cover ,helmet size is 2,very nice helmet for display, very very rare in this mint condition ,I have never seen this type of a helmet in such a great complete condition!

EUR 2499.-

Original USAF APH 5 Flight Helmet Size Large with Decals "Jeppesen"

Original Early APH-5 helmet made by Gentex Date 1965 , custom painted in yellow with sticker decals "Jeppesen" ,the headset is an H-75C/AIC, the latest version of the H-75 series also used in USAF P-4 and P-4A helmets, the micro-
phone is an M-33/AIC or M-33A/AIC banana boom mike, this helmet was white originally but was painted yellow, as a display modification ,helmet housing has two break points hurt by a falling (see pictures) ,this helmet is except for the fall damage in very good condition and with this painted a very nice display object,                          

EUR 299.-
Original SPH 4 B Helicopter Helmet Size X-Large with NVG Mount

This is is a original military Gentex SPH-4 B Helicopter helmet provides superior protection and comfort in a lightweight design. Its high-strength, lightweight Para-Aramid and reinforced with epoxy resin shell, it includes a polystyrene energy-absorbing liner and a comfortable fitting system. the wide yoke-style green retention system stabilizes the helmet and can be adjusted for optimum  fit with the chin and nape straps. Crushable sound-attenuating earcups screen out excessive noise levels, the doble visor systems with clear and dark visor include optically correct, abrasion-resistant, polycarbonate lenses that protect the eyes from glare, wind, and dust, this SPH-4 B helmet comes with an double visor assembly dark and clear , this normal 4B helmet helmet has a overall green nomex retention harness !helmet is includes all intact onboard/integrated communications equipment plugs and avionics , include is a original NVG mount , a Low Profile Battery Pack and a green lip light with battery pack , helmet and all is in used but in very good to exellent original condition,

EUR 699,-
Original HGU 55/P Fighter Helmet size Medium with MBU 20/P Mask Size Medium Narrow

Original Gentex HGU 55/P Fighter Helmet with Gentex MBU 20/P mask size medium narrow, helmet has a very good dark and clear visor with MBU 20 Cut, minimal skratches ,helmet size is Medium ,helmet include standart ear cushions with Oregon Soft Seal® Ear Cushions ,earphones, communications cord and all avionics and plugs ,helmet comes with the integrated chin & nape strap and the mounts for the NVG "Banana Mount ",the liner is a original Zeta Liner ,this is a very nice display helmet for the collection or for use in very good condition ,include is a very good condition original helmet bag,

EUR 840.-
Original US Air Warrior Pilot ASEK™ Aircrew Survival Knife - Survival Knife System with Strap Cutter

Original ASEK™ Survival Knife System manufactured by The Ontario Knife Company , this is the one and only Survival/Egress knife chosen by the Untied States Army to be included in its Air Warrior Equipment System , system is a Survival/Egress Knife with Plexiglas Breaker, Hammer, Saw teeth, serrations, spear holes, lanyard hole and insulated guard,comes with an aluminum strap cutter to cut webbings, cord, cloth, etc, It has a screwdriver and a honing rod to keep your knife field sharp, The fire retardant scabbard fits on the pilot's vests, load bearing equipment, web belt, belt or can be worn on the calf as designed for Air Warrior,the strap cutter is a must for medical crews.Survival Knife is in unused sealed exellent-new condition, unissued, IT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY! COLLECTORS ITEM!For this article a proof of age is necessary SALE STARTING FROM 18 YEARS !!! Send please document of identification copy in by email or fax.


EUR 199.-

Original Set ACU 1 PSGC Aircrew Warrior Vest Harness with Floating Collar LPU 40

This is a original PSGC Air Crew Air Warrior Survival Harness Vest Harness without Contents as complete set with Aircrew Air Warrier Body Armour vest without inlays/plates, Nomex Uniform with jacket and pants with all patches size Medium Regular in very good !!!, also include is a original LPU 40 Life Preserver with CO2 Bottle not mounted in exellent ! this is a used Primary Survival Gear Carrier (PSGC) Air Warrior vest and harness. This is the PSGC, the first aid and signal platforms without the contents as shown and pouches, Primary Survival Gear Carrier (PSGC)is a Part of the Air Warrior System, the PSGC is a vest and harness system that can be adjusted to fit all air crewmen. It has extraction and insertion capabilities, and it is MOLLE adaptable, The Air Warrior System is the GEN3 Air Crew ensemble that provides the soldier advanced life support capabilities, The system is combat proven, and increases personnel protection and mission performance while decreasing weight and bulk, Integrated extraction/insertion harness , Interior stowage pockets for first aid platform and signal platform , Light weight and cool compared to other vests , Modular pockets designed for mission flexibility (MOLLE compatible) ,Vest with all pockets as in the pictures, Fire retardant materials used throughout , vest and all is used but very good to exellent absolut clean condition, used by Apache Crews in Germany, very rare and hard to find in this condition,

Life Preserver not for use , only for Display -collector item ,


EUR 499 .-

Original USAF Gentex HGU 2 A / P Size Large with MBU 5 Mask!!!

This is a original USAF HGU 2 A / P Helmet late version ordered in 70th in size Large!!! helmet and mask is minimal flight use but in very good original condition, include a original MBU 5/P mask size Short Narrow with black hardshell in very good to exellent condition, helmet and mask with all avionic and plugs,helmet is complete with chin and nap strap, brown leather fitting pads , helmet has the H-154A/AIC headset with gray earcups ,the foam in earphones and the fitting pads is newly made, helmet visor cover has a very nice original decal from 7th Combat Training Squardon,Helm is probably a reminder of a German pilot on his training in USA , this is a very nice helmet for display in used but very good to exellent condition, !!!!


EUR 599.-
Original HGU 56/P Helicopter Air Crew Helmet with NVG ANVIS 6 Replica !!!

OriginalGentex HGU 56/P,Size Medium, this is the current issue to US-Army Helicopter Aircrews,the lightweight and strong Kevlar shell protects the wearer while giving your neck a break from the weight of the older fiberglass helmet,helmet complete with TPL liner, chin and nape strap,all avionics and crushable earcups,boom microphon M-87/AIC with mounted original Lip Light green,dual clear and dark visor with minimal scratches,helmet and all is in used but very good condition, all cables and plugs,include the older battery pack ,inner helmet is minimal flight use,include a brand new original CEP -Kit (see the Photos),also include is a very nice ANVIS 6 Replica for display,Size Information:by the HGU 56 Helmets is size small more -Medium,size medium more-Large and size large more-X-Large !!!!, ,very nice helmet for display,include is a very nice original HGU 56 Helmet Bag !!!!

EUR 860.-