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Item Description

Brand New unused condition---------Item is new and unused,

Mint and Unissue-------Item is in superb condition with some little use or may be no wear or still in bag.

Excellent condition-------Item is in nice shape but may be show signs of its age because of storage or light use.

Used but very good condition-------Item is nice shape but little flight use or be shows signs of its adge

Used but good condition----Item is in nice shape but may show signs of excessive flight use or be noticably dirty from use.

Fair condition------Item is still in displayable condition but may be ripped, cracked, or have large stains.

Please note,
That all offered articles are pure collectors or display pieces and do not have any flying or other tests. Use is at your own risk !!

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Original USAF - PCU 15 / P Harness with LPU 3 Life Preserver used in F 15 Fighters

This is a original PCU 15 harness in some flight used but in very good condition, It has the upper Koch fittings and adjustable V-rings and all ejector hardware , CRU Bracket with original Oxygen Regulator -Switch used with MBU 19 Mask TEARS -NBC Connector is include , include original LPU 3 Life Preserver is zipper attached and packet correctly with CO2 bottles and with the inflaters ,this harness is made only in one size,used in F 15 Fighters,


EUR 340.-

Original HGU 2AP/G German Air Force Flight Helmet with MBU 5 Mask

This is a original HGU 2AP/G flight helmet came from an retired German Airforce Worker ,this helmet is a rare piece,helmet is size Large ,helmet ist custom painted orange with decal from Jabo G 43 ,he has a gold plated nuclear flash visor, which should prevent the pilot from nuclear flash blindness!
The MBU 5 oxygen mask from Scott comes  with correct black hardshell, T-bayos and connector MC 3 A , Helmet and Mask are not complete : the visor button for the gold visor is missing, the cable for the mask is not the correct cable,helmet and mask in good to very good used condition,this is not the perfect HGU 2 AP / G but a very nice display object for an exhibition,

EUR 499.-
Original RAF RN Aircraft Pilot Flight Flying Helmet Bone Dome Mk 4 A/4 with Q Type Oxygen mask

This is a original Mk.4A Flying Helmet is current Royal Air Force / Royal Navy / Army Air corps issue and superseded the Mk.3C helmet in the 1980`s. The shell is made of glass fibre impregnated with polyester resin and lined with shock absorbing expanded polystyrene, the interior is fitted with a multi-point adjustable webbing harness system with adjustable independently suspended earcups,the helmet has a locking clear inner blast visor and a friction mounted outer tinted visor a detachable cloth visor cover is missing, sorry  , helmet and mask with all avionic and plugs but the Mask Recievers on helmet , the visor cover and parts on mask are missing !!!!,plug of the mask does not fit on connection helmet !!!!,but this is a very nice helmet for display in used but very good to exellent condition,you can get the missing parts easily at E-Bay or in UK,

EUR 449.-
Original Alpha 100 Flight Helmet with MBU 12 Mask and CRU 60

This is a original Alpha 100 Flight Helmet size Medium with original MBU 12 Mask size Regular,helmet and mask are little flight used and in very good to exellent condition,include a CRU 60 connector in good condition,very rare helmet used in this design at Netherlands Air Force for training,


EUR 699,-
Original HGU 34 Fighter Helmet with MBU 5 Mask

This is a original vintage HGU 34/ Flight helmet size Large with single visor darg with EEK-4A/P Housing and Scott PRK 37/P helmet shell,helmet with standard black chin strap and nape strap , complete with all avionics and plugs,helmet is include PRK 40 styrene liner with fitting pads with brown leather and military earphones in gray standard plastic earcups, include a original Gentex !!! MBU 5/P Mask size long narrow with green hardshell in very good condition Date 1990 , also include a boom mic AIC 87 ,nice original helmet and mask with nice tape jop and Navy Decal, helmet and mask is some flight used and in very good condition ,mask is in exellent condition,

EUR 679 , -

Original Aristo 1749 Map Goniometer

This is an original Dennert & Pape ARISTO 1749 360 ° map goniometer of the legendary company "Dennert & Pape" ARISTO - works from Hamburg, the age is approx. 55 years old, the map angle meter is a precision device with inserted glass crosshairs, the unit of measure of the outer circle is 0-6400 mils (military division), inside is the division in 0-400 gon, the reading accuracy is due to the Vernier scale (as in the caliper slide) 0.1 gon or 1 mil, the width is 300mm with unfolded bracket,the original Map Angle Knife 1749 (Ø 140 mm) is include a exclusive leather storage bag, Scale template (1.2500, 1: 5000, 1: 100000, 1: 200000),all in very good to exellent condition,very rare and hard to find,


EUR 110.-

Original Military Navigation Map with Aristo 618 Computer used by German Navy Fighter ,

This is a original german military navigation map of the Bundeswehr German Navy -with navigation utensils by Aristo or Dennert & Pape (Hamburg) and dates back approximately from the year 1960 ,the condition is age-appropriate, but still good , Content: - 1x Aristo Aviat G 618 air navigation computer (triangle calculator) - the manual for Aristo Aviat 610, 613, 615, 617, 618 is missing, sorry ,Instructions can be found on the internet !!! - 1x Aristo 1556 course triangle from Dennert & Pape, 1x Aristo 1557 course triangle from Dennert & Pape with Gradient Wind Diagram for Barometric Navigation- 1x Steering Circle / Navigation Circle Dennert & Pape- 4x Colored Pencils (Faber Castell, Stabilo, Staedtler) ,The several »AVIAT« models are different by the methods used to solve "Triangle Problems" ( and in the AVIATJET the air speed ). Models 613, 617 & AVIATJET use simple, strait-forward graphical solutions. Models 610 & AVIAT-615 use the sine rule to obtain strictly mathematical solutions. Model 610 is a smaller version of Model 615 ( = 14 cm Diameter ) and Model 613 is a pocket-size version of the Model 617. ,-all what you see on the photos is include ,possibly missing parts ,very rare and hard to find,


EUR 99.-